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Pooh Mystery Bags - May 2024

Pooh Mystery Bags - May 2024

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Each Mystery Bag contains:

1. B7 Stickerbook
2. Everyday wallet
3. Pooh Gel Black Pen
4. Pooh Paper Pad
5. Fabric Button Bookmark
6. Collectible Pooh Self Design Card

Each Mystery Bag is worth $38 and you get them at $29.90!
No Choosing of design so you will know what you get when you open it!
Choose the Set number you would like to get!

Pooh figurine not included…

Each Mystery bag, B7 stickerbook and wallet are one of a kind and you wont see the same in this world!

Fabric Wallet is washable, best recommended to hand wash; if machine wash, please put into laundry bag for protection.

There is 1 special bonus Pack that contains a drawstring pouch with matching keycharm instead of the everyday wallet! Get Lucky Now!!!

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